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Links for Ms Henderson's Students

Student Subjects (Grades K-5)

Language Arts


  • Callum's Addition Pyramid - In this game, add the numbers at the bottom of the pyramid to fill in the middle and add the middle to fill the top.
  • Cyberchase - Find many math and logic challenges in the form of online games.
  • Kids' Place Mathematics - Practice your math skills, learn to take tests better, and have some fun with brainteasers!
  • Metric/English Conversions - Explains both the origins of the metric system and the English system and offers practical information and tools to convert between them.
  • Solve This! - Solve classic math problems, play math games, and read about several important mathematicians.
  • Table Trees - Do you know how to multiply? Practice your math skills in this interactive game.
  • Visual Geometry for Grades 3-5 - Features visual activities designed to teach students basic concepts of geometry, including congruence, area, proofs, the Pythagorean Theorem, and more.
  • What Are Your Chances? - Gain a little knowledge of probability through this online dice game.


  • Bubble Town: Soap Bubble Fun - Learn all about the science of bubbles through games and activities.
  • Cool Science for Curious Kids - Learn about plants, animals, microorganisms, insects, or check out the special section on butterflies.
  • Everyday Mysteries - Get scientific explanations to questions that deal with everyday phenomena.
  • The Gene Scene - Features activities and articles about genetics.
  • Kids Health for Kids - Find information about kids' feelings, fears, nutrition, illnesses, safety, and much more.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium - "Dive into our activities and games to have fun and learn about ocean animals and the places they call home."
  • NASA Kids - Explore this NASA site designed especially for kids interested in space, rocket science, astronauts, and the solar system.
  • Prehistoric Life - Learn all about dinosaurs.
  • Real Science! Careers - Learn what it's like to have a career in science.
  • Science News for Kids - Read articles on science news items in a variety of topics including animals, dinosaurs and space.
  • The Senses - Find dozens of experiments and fun facts about the senses: hearing, smell, taste, touch and vision.
  • Why Files - Read quirky and creative articles on science topics.


Social Studies


General Reference


Middle through High School Level Subjects (Grades 6-12)

Language Arts


  • Ask a Scientist Archive: Math - What is the origin of plus/minus? How do you find square roots? What is a googleplex? Find the answers to these and other questions on this site about mathematics.
  • BasketMath Interactive - Practice math skills and watch a basketball player dunk the ball and score for each correct answer!
  • Exercises in Math Readiness - Find learning units on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and other math topics.
  • Figure This: Challenges - Problems with word problems? Practicing solving real-life problems using math skills.
  • Fractions, Decimals, Percents - This one-page lesson explains fractions, decimals and percents with examples!
  • Geometry Online - Learn the history of geometry, experiment with volume, take an SAT-style quiz and more.
  • MathWorld - This interactive mathematics encyclopedia is very handy for those looking for a definition or an illustrative example.
  • Math in Daily Life - Learn how math can help you in daily life in situations such as savings accounts, credit card debt, home decoration, cooking, and automobile leasing.
  • Scientific Calculator - Perform all your math calculations on this nifty virtual calculator!
  • Statistics: Cast Your Vote! - Learn to interpret and critique statistics through a fictitious mayoral election.
  • Villainy, Inc.: Thwarting World Supremacy Through Mathematics - Become an undercover agent and use your math skills to thwart the evil Dr. Wick, ID and his plan to take over the world.


  • Atoms Family - Experience activities and experiments on a wide range of physics including topics such as energy conservation, light, electricity, atoms, energy transfer, and more.
  • Basic Genetics - Explore basic concepts in genetics and try hands-on and online activities and experiments.
  • Chemicool Periodic Table - View or search the entire periodic table of the elements on this site.
  • Cool Careers in Science - Check out why these scientists enjoy their work, what they do everyday, and how they came to choose their work.
  • CyberAstronomy - Learn all about the planets in our solar system.
  • DNA Interactive - Discover how DNA science has transformed genetics and biology.
  • Edison Invents - Discover how the inventions of Thomas Alva Edison changed our world.
  • FearOfPhysics.com - Overcome your fear of physics by investigating physics concepts like the Doppler Effect, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, friction, and others with animations and experiments you can do.
  • Crystallography 101 - Provides infomation and resources on X-ray Crystallography.
  • Science Fair Central - Don't miss this ultimate guide for science fair projects!
  • Science Lab - This site offers virtual experiments and science projects to help students aged 10 and up learn about the Doppler Effect, viscosity, friction, buoyancy and more!
  • Scientists and Philosophers - Discover the people who made science history from ancient to modern times.


Social Studies


General Reference
  • Atlas of the Body - Illustrations and descriptions of the parts of the body are provided.
  • Citation Style for Research Papers - Find color-coded examples of citation styles for research papers.
  • CNN Student News - This CNN site is designed especially for students in need of news stories on current events.
  • Country Studies: Area Handbook Series - Each handbook describes the social, economic, political conditions of a country.
  • Gallup Organization - View polls of public opinion on current events.
  • General Education Online - Provides links to higher education facilities worldwide. Schools are listed by country. International language schools and international flight schools are listed separately.
  • Homework Central - Offers a website with information on a wide range of topics to aid students in research. Available inside our eLibrary subscriptions under the topics tab. The sites featured on this page are examples of what you'll find in the collection!
  • Infonation: United Nations Cyberschoolbus - Explore this dynamic online almanac of the countries of the world with official UN statistics, maps and flags.
  • Infoplease - Find extensive reference material in an online encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, dictionary, and other special features.
  • JewishEncylopedia.com - Articles on Jewish history and practices of Judaism are provided.
  • Logos Dictionary - This site contains well over 200 dictionaries.
  • Lucidcafe's Biographies Archive - Biographies of notable leaders, scientists, authors, composers and many others are featured.
  • Mayo Clinic - Gain extensive health reference information on diseases, conditions, drugs, and more.
  • Museum of Modern Art - Explore the museum's extensive collection of modern art.
  • Museum of Musical Instruments - Explore the collections, exhibitions, and articles to learn more about instruments with a major focus on the guitar.
  • Nations of the World - Learn facts about the nations of the world such as population, capital, common currency, languages, and more.
  • NationMaster.com: Country Comparisons - Graphically compare countries on issues including economy, environment, geography, military, transportation, and more.
  • Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection - View all types of maps including reference, general & special interest, political, historical, physical, shaded reliefs and more.
  • Primary Sources on the Web - Learn how to find and evaluate primary source sites.


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