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Early Western Hemisphere Cultures

Incan Information 

Mayan Information

Aztec Information





Asia Society


Swan Lake with Chinese Acrobats and Ballet

can only be viewed from home

Issues in India

Chinese Acrobat Children's school video

Current Events IN China

People's Daily Online

South Asia BIZ

The Monkey King  I

The Monkey King II

Middle East

Koran Explanation- Lesley Hazelton

Giant Panda Information from the San Diego Zoo

Canada and the US

US Regional Music-

Yupik Eskimos

Impact of the Railway

NPR Railway to Tibet- tourism

Tibet's Economy depends on Beijing

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Bear Tagging in Ontario


Buddhism  ; Hinduism

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 Links for the US Regions

Desert Region USA- Joshua Tree

Tale of the Dragon : Mix of Modern and Traditional in Music
Regional Music
Biodiversity and Invasives

Animal Diversity wesite- economic information

Invasive Species Lists- US

Invasive Species- International

Photos of Some Species

National Invasive Species Information Center

 Invasive Species Information Node

Impacts of Introduced Species in the United States: New

Global Invasive Species Network

Zebra Mussels   New

Killer Bees :New

Links to Invasive Species : New

North American Invasives

100 of the Worst Invasive Species

Non-Indigenous Species Websites

New Haven Register

New York Times

National Public Radio

Martial Arts with a Soccer Ball

Martial Arts Dancing in Gymnaisium

Karate Dance


Energy and Global Warming
All Green: 10 Simple Solutions
Mega Fires Video on 60 Minutes

Palm Island Video 1

Palm Island Video2



Morris Dancers

Boston Morris Dancers

Mexican Dancing  Texas, Arizona, New Mexico

The Ogallala Aquifer

Alternate Regional Project

Everglades, Mystery Quiz

National Park Service

Save our Water


Chapter about water mining and the Ogallala


Kansas News

interesting- I’m always amazed that people here know nothing of this

Saving America's Great Aquifer good for 50 years am I supposed to be impressed?????? Sorry Texas- no

Caribbean and Latin America

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Latin Flags I

Latin Flags II

  Haiti’s Gangs:  PBS

  Haiti’s Earthquake :  PBS use with scene guide

The Source (Shore Publishing)
Early Western Hemisphere Cultures
Incan Information

Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge

Film of Bridge 2

Teacher Resources for Asia

Panarama of Machu Pichu- link at the top
Nazca Line Puzzles - Link at the top of the page

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Mayan Information

Ancient Maya Civilizations

A tour of Copan

The Fall of a Civilization: a Study of Copan

Crystal Skull Game

Reading Number Glyphs Game

Classzone- Teacher

Mayan Readings Copan and Other


Maya Calendar- Birthdate


Aztec Information


South America

Peabody Exhibit "Las Artes de Mexico"

North America




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